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Body By Impulse is the premier EMS Studio in the Seattle metropolitan area. We bring cutting-edge Whole Body Electrical Muscle Stimulation (WB-EMS) technology to the health and fitness community. 

My name is Michka, I started this company in 2017 to bring the WB-EMS experience to the United States.

Body by Impulse is based on the belief that physical fitness is a major component of a person's level of performance, self-esteem and self-motivation. More than ever, a strong, fit body is a symbol of success. Achieving this goal consumes a huge amount of time and energy. At Body By Impulse we provide a highly effective, time-saving method to achieve these goals.

I finished grade school in Iran, graduated from high school in Germany, and came to Seattle for college...that’s the short version of the first half of my life. 


I attended massage school after an injury to the lumbar spine of a loved one. It was after immersing myself into these studies that my interest for human anatomy and healthy longevity was sparked. So I started my own company.

I have dedicated the majority of the last 22 years working “hands on” with individuals ranging from all ages and physical abilities/disabilities in postural correction, pain management, and strength training.


My passion is the complexity of the human body and its intelligence and ability to heal. My mission is to continuously expand my understanding on how to facilitate the reprogramming of these patterns for optimal performance. 

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